Re: Singapore picks the A340-500 over the 777-200X

Date:         26 Jun 98 02:37:43 
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In article <airliners.1998.909@ohare.Chicago.COM>, wrote:
> If Boeing does not launch the 772X then it is fair to say that Airbus will
> have a product in the A340-500 that Boeing does not offer. Do the exclusive
> supplier aggrements for AA & DL mean that they cannot buy the A340, and
> therefore will not be able to compete with other airlines on very long thin
> routes?

No. As part of the agreement with the EU which let them go forward with the
McDonnell Douglas merger, Boeing agreed that it would not enforce the sole
supplier agreements with AA, DL, and CO (or enter into new ones). Ergo, these
airlines are free to buy the A340-500 if they want to (or any other Airbus
aircraft, for that matter, even if there is a competing Boeing product).

Stefano Pagiola
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