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Date:         26 Jun 98 02:37:39 
From:         Michael & Iain Butler <>
Organization: Chaos
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> I have recently seen a Air New Zeland 767 at LAX and was curious about
> where it was flying in from. I looked up the flight on their website
> and found it was from Auckland via Papeete to Los Angeles. It gives a
> route time of 8 hours. I am wondering how long a 767 can stay airbore,
> and what is it's EROPS range. Thanks for the help.

Papeete-Los Angeles is 6607kms 8h10min N bound 8h35 S bound
This is not the longest Air NZ 767 flight they also do
Auckland-Honolulu 7086km 8h50 N 9h05 S
Nadi-Nagoya 7273km 9h30 N 8h55 S
Nadi-Osaka 7313km 9h55 N 9:35 S
Christchurch-Singapore 8400km 11h15 N 10h05 S
Auckland-Taipei 8884km 11h35 N 11h10 S
Auckland-Osaka 8953km 11h25 N 11h00 S
Auckland-Fukuoka 9090km 11h45 N 11h20 S
Auckland-Hong Kong 9144km 11h35 N 10h55 S
Osaka-Christchurch 9472km no north 11h15 S
Fukuoka-Christchurch 9828km no north 11h50 S

Now cancelled is
Auckland-Seoul 9639km

What is unusual about Papeete-Los Angeles is that it has very few
diversion fields and is the only one of all these routes that requires
more than 138min ETOPS.  Even at 180min ETOPS you can't fly a great
circle (although getting close)  That more than the range is why I'm
surprised that air NZ put a 767 on this route.
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