Measurement of airliners

Date:         16 Jun 98 02:15:43 
From:         Don Stauffer <>
Organization: honeywell
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I am working on a project where we need to estimate the speed of taxiing
aircraft as seen on a video tape.  The people taking the video did not
document the focal length used nor the distance from the centerline of
the taxiway.

I intend to develop a scale by measuring a known distance or size object
on one or two of the aircraft.  One convenient distance would be from
the nose gear to the main gear.  On cars that would be called the
wheelbase- don't know what an aircraft designer calls it.  The drawings
in Janes are pretty small for scaling to measure this.  There are quite
a few 737s and A320s on the tape.  Anyone know where to find that
measurement for either of those, or any other popular airliner?

Don Stauffer in Minneapolis
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