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Date:         16 Jun 98 02:15:41 
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In article <airliners.1998.897@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
  "elysium" <> wrote:
> >Has anyone else out there flown in the ERJ?
> >I rode the IAH-ICT run with CO express and was most impressed.  Compared
> >to the Canadair regional jet,  it "feels" faster, and has windows you
> >can actually see out of. (the Canadair CRJ has windows that are mounted
> >very low in relation to the seats) A slightly higher cabin noise level
> >than the CRJ just adds to a sportier feel, but it is still far quieter
> >than any of the larger jets.  The 2X1 seating arrangement makes me
> >wonder why anyone would fly on a larger plane if they had a choice.  I
> >hope the skies are black with these things!
> Silk purse out of a sows' ear ? I thought the Brasilia was ghastly.
> The seating config' is good, rather like the 2X3 on the DC-9/Md-80
> it gives more aisle per seat and enhances service.

Let me second the appreciation of the ERJ-145's passenger comfort. Here's a
comparison of the ERJ-145 and CRJ that I posted to a different group some time

Basically, from a passenger perspective I'd say that both are a clear
improvement over turboprops, especially in terms of noise and the smoothness
of the ride. It does not seem to me that either has a clear advantage in
those two parameters. Both have an aisle that I had no problem standing up
straight in (I'm 1.8m tall; that's about 6 feet, for you Americans). The CRJ
does feel wider; there's a pronounced 'tube' effect in the EMB-145, although
the large windows make the cabin very light and alleviate this problem
somewhat. In terms of seat comfort, I think the EMB-145 has a slight edge,
since its seating is 1-2 rather than 2-2; on a full plane, having the single
seat might be much more comfortable than sharing a seat unit. I don't have
direct measurements, but I think the CRJ might have more on-board storage
space; but perhaps this is an illusion, since with 4-abreast seating there
will be more demand for the available space. One thing that irritated me on
the CRJ is how low the windowline is. Sitting normally, my eyeline is above
the top of the window; I need to lean forward to look out, which becomes
uncomfortable after some time. I didn't have this problem on the EMB-145. (I
understand that the windowline will be raised in the CRJ-700.) One area where
the EMB-145 definitely shines is the bathroom. On the CRJ, the bathroom is on
one side of the aisle, level with the last seat row. That made it impossible
for me to stand up straight while doing my business, since the curvature of
the fuselage lowers the ceiling very quickly once you're out of the aisle. On
the EMB-145, the bathroom spans the entire width of the fuselage, aft of the
passenger cabin. No problem standing up, and lots of elbow room, too. In
fact, this is probably one of the better bathrooms on any commercial type.

So overall, I'd say that the EMB-145 probably has a slight edge in terms of
passenger comfort. Enough that if it came to a straight choice between either
(airfare and schedule being the same), I'd almost certainly prefer the
EMB-145; but not enough that I'd wait for a EMB-145 if the CRJ had the more
convenient schedule or cost less.

Stefano Pagiola
All opinions are my own.
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