Re: FAA certification of AN-2

Date:         16 Jun 98 02:15:35 
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In article <airliners.1998.899@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
  "Arron Shore" <> wrote:
> What is the chance of getting a commercial certification from the FAA for
> the Russian/Polish AN-2 "Annie"?
> If you can't get a commercial certification for an airplane what options are
> there for making an income from it?
> I would like to own an AN-2 but unless there is a way to make an income from
> it, there really isn't much of a chance.  Any help would be greatly
> appreciated

Well, getting certification is a matter of spending the money necessary (ie
running the tests, plus any changes required). Other than that, there's no
obstacle to getting certification for any type.

I know of a number of An-2s on the US register. As far as I know they are all
registered as "experimental" which does restrict the way they can be used.
But they can certainly be displayed at airshows, for example, for whatever
the show organizers are willing to pay.

Bear in mind that "making money" off your An-2 will require a lot more than
just having an airplane licenced to carry passengers. If you plan to do so,
your whole operation will need certification as well.

Stefano Pagiola
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