Re: FAA certification of AN-2

Date:         16 Jun 98 02:15:34 
From: (Michael Proctor)
Organization: Stanford University
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In article <airliners.1998.899@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "Arron Shore"
<> wrote:

>What is the chance of getting a commercial certification from the FAA for
>the Russian/Polish AN-2 "Annie"?
>If you can't get a commercial certification for an airplane what options are
>there for making an income from it?
>I would like to own an AN-2 but unless there is a way to make an income from
>it, there really isn't much of a chance.  Any help would be greatly

Last summer I did see an AN-2 flying in/out of Lone Pine ( or was it
Independence ) CA.  Anyway these are two pocket size towns nn the eastern
side of the Sierra Nevades, close to Death Valley.  I don't know if it was
commercial activity, except that there is a lot film work nearby ie great
landscape for Wild West movies... but telephone, the airstrip an ask.



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