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Date:         20 Jan 98 01:29:39 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>There were three UA 747s in the pen: N4719U, N4720U, and N4723U.
>N4723U still carried full titles; the other two had been painted
>out.  However I would swear N4720U wore the William A. Patterson

>Can anyone reconcile this discrepancy?

No discrepancy -- both aircraft had the same name.  (United also had a
pair of Advaned 727-222s simultaneously wearing the City of Cleveland
name -- N7255U and N7444U.)

N4723U had the William A. Patterson name when it was delivered in 1972.
N4720U picked it up much later, I believe in the early 1990s.  (Was the
name spelled out?  For some reason I thought N4720U has it as Wm. A.
Patterson whereas N4723U had William spelled out.)

Another variation on the name, Mainliner W. A. Patterson, appeared on
a DC-8 (N8018U) much earlier.

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