Re: DC-9 Hail damage

Date:         16 Jun 98 02:15:10 
From:         Andrew Muir <nospamAndrew.Muir@Boeing.Com>
Organization: Boeing - Wichita Division
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Karl Swartz wrote:

> In the case of the recent ValuJet, er, AirTran incident, it was not
> engine damage but windshield damage.  Ok, so that's supposed to be
> able to take a direct turkey hit, just like the engines.  I can only
> guess that a large and sustained number of hail hits may be worse than
> one turkey.

I think the requirement is that the Windshield keep out a "turkey", not
remain transparent after impact.  I think Shattering and Crazing is OK,
provided the "turkey" doesn't enter the cockpit or cause decompression.
The assumption being, it would have to be a pretty big bird to shatter
both pilot amd co-pilot's windshields.  Anyway, that was what was
required when I was peripherially involved with the T-46 canopy bird
strike tests.

So, I believe that the Air Tran windshield worked as required, no
decompression.  Unfortunately, the requirement did not anticipate flying
into such a sevre hail storm where crazing and shattering would destroy
visability for both pilots.