Re: end of the line for the MD-11

Date:         16 Jun 98 02:15:07 
From:         JF Mezei <>
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Marc Schaeffer wrote:
> Im not surprised of the decision but surprised that the decision was
> taken that fast.

I suspect that the decision was made by Boeing before Boeing announced it
would buy McD. I am sure Boeing did its homework and decided a lot of stuff
before buying. But PR requires that you  carefully choose the time when you
release "bad" news.

> Looking at this Boeing decision, Airbus should have axed for a long time
> it's A310 and A300 lines !

2 points:

    I would think that the current A310s (600?) have a fair bit in
    common with the newer AI planes, whereas the DC-10/MD-11 has nothing
    in common with Boeing planes, from a manufacturing point of view.

    There *seems* to be a trend in commercial airlines making every
    effort to dump their MD11s to anyone who would want them (aka:
    FEDex). With used MD11s available second hand, and a limited market
    to buy them, prospects for new sales are not good.

What I find interesting is that DC10 operators don't seem to try so hard to
dump their DC10s whereas those who own MD11s seem more active at shedding
them. Is this a correct observation?