Re: Flight 826

Date:         20 Jan 98 01:29:38 
From:         Jon Wright <>
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Mickey Kopanski wrote:

> Well just wanted to let you know that N4723U,  the aircraft flying the
> ill-fated NRT-HNL flight, is currently winging its way from NRT to LAS
> for storage. Too much interior damage to bother fixing...

And on the AIRLINE list, Mike White concurred:

> As I mentioned earlier, I thought the 747-122 involved in the NRT-HNL
> turbulence would be retired early.  That it was.

> On 31 Dec. UA ferried the flight from NRT to LAS as ferry UA9503.
> When it landed the plane had 92,529.92 hours on the airfranme.

> The plane named after famed UAL leader William A. Patterson (tail
> number 8823) was due to be retired in February anyway.  Many of
> United's retired fleet have been sent to LAS to sit until they are sold
> or determined what will happen to them.

I was just in LAS this morning and I am confused.

There were three UA 747s in the pen: N4719U, N4720U, and N4723U.
N4723U still carried full titles; the other two had been painted
out.  However I would swear N4720U wore the William A. Patterson

Can anyone reconcile this discrepancy?

ObTailNumber: On the ships with painted-out titles, the tail
numbers had been painted out, too.  What is the reason for that?

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