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Date:         16 Jun 98 02:14:58 
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> [Moderator's Note: So what happened to the remaining Trident?  Was it a
> prototype which was retained by HS?  -- Karl]

One was lost on a test flight in 1966 after entering a deep stall.

A deep stall also caused the BEA Trident crash at Staines in 1972,
claiming the lives of all aboard (around 118).

How that aircraft fell victim to a deep stall, in spite of
both having both stick shaker and "stick pusher" systems was the
subject of an extensive investigation. The conclusion, in short,
was a breakdown of crew co-ordination, brought on by the probable
incapacitation of the captain. The excact sequence of events was
never determined, beacause CVR's (Cockpit Voice Recorders) were
not required on UK registered aircraft prior to this accident.

My question for the newsgroup: Why did the UK authorities wait so
long to require CVR's (long after the FAA did)?