Re: DH Trident

Date:         16 Jun 98 02:14:56 
From:         Philip Morten <>
Organization: Southampton Hall of Aviation
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> >DH Trident?
> >Dont you mean HS Trident.
> >Hawker Siddeley that is.
> No, it was originally designed by de Havilland, their DH.121 model.  (I
> thought I had previously heard it called the DH.191.  Anyone know which
> is really correct?)  It became the HS.121 Trident when Hawker-Siddeley
> took over de Havilland.  I believe the Trident name post-dated the take-
> over, so DH Trident is probably incorrect, but DH is not.

No, you are right, the Trident was the D.H. 121; although the de
Havilland company became part of HS in 1960 and the Trident first flew
in 1962 the Trident continued to be known by the original company's name
for a few years.  For example, the 1963 Observer's Book of Aircraft
lists it under DH but by the 1964 edition it is in the HS section.

Philip Morten