Re: Singapore picks the A340-500 over the 777-200X

Date:         16 Jun 98 02:14:55 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>WRT the SIA order for A340's; Keep in mind SG's geographics. Is it not
>true that the A34X is the only viable choice that'll  do N.America
>from Singapore non-stop ?

It is not true.  That's the whole point of this thread -- Singapore
considered the A340-500 and 777-200X to both be technically capable
of doing the job, or at least that's what the said in public.  Their
stated reason for choosing the A340-500 was price.

AW&ST had some interesting comments on the order.  They noted that the
order for only five A340-500s was insufficient to cover all of SIA's
planned flying, and suggested that SIA might yet order the 777-200X --
in addition to the A340-500.  According to the article, one of SIA's
demands was the right to cancel the order with no penalty in the event
of Boeing being unable to secure 180-minute ETOPS out of the box.  I
suppose that's reasonable from the airline's point of view (Virgin
passed up the 777 in favor of the A340 because they expected it would
take six months or more to secure ETOPS authority and without it the
777 was essentially useless to them) but it's hard to see how SIA could
reasonably expect Boeing to eat $1 billion (figuring five planes at
~$200 million per plane) or more if a government agency decided to yank
their chain even a little bit.

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