Re: Singapore picks the A340-500 over the 777-200X

Date:         16 Jun 98 02:14:52 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <marcmsc*****>
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JF Mezei wrote:

> Boeing is supposedly still experiencing delivery problems. (Not sure if
> this affects the 777 line).

To the best of my knowledge the 777 is the line which is the less affected
with delivery problems.

> Could this not be an important factor in an
> airline making a decision against a Boeing product ?

It is for sure not increasing the confidence of the customers.

> Has Boeing lost credibility in making delivery promises ?

Looking at the comment of the Transavia boss (who gets his 737NG late) yes.
He said that he was happy to test an AI product in the meantime ...

> I am not an airline, but if I were, I would be cautious about any
> delivery promises made by Boeing in the short term, especially for a
> plane that is not yet in production.

I would not confirm this. As example take the 764 or 753 programs which are
on time. Boeing has a tremendous developping potential, and believe me if
they tell the customers that a new ship will be developed for day x it will
be like that. Getting then the birds out in time as production ramps up, has
proven to be a different issue. But here we are talking production logistics
and not engineering.

> Hence, by being "realistic" about
> real deliveries one could expect, the 777 product may not fit an
> airline's needs and hence the airline would go for the equivalent Airbus
> product.

I tend to say that the four engine vs. two engine issue has a higher impact
on very long range flights.

My views,
Marc Schaeffer, Luxembourg
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