Re: Singapore picks the A340-500 over the 777-200X

Date:         08 Jun 98 02:58:07 
From:         JF Mezei <>
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Marc Schaeffer wrote:
> Another route which was named was SIN-SFO. I believe that the SIA order
> can be considered as a very important signal for the future orders in
> this category. The choice of the Japaneese carriers and of NW should be
> pretty clear. I don't believe that the 772X can get off the ground with
> orders from AA and DL, their exclusive suppliers agreement would imply
> a huge dsicount. Also the total orders won't be sufficient to get the
> bird launched.

Boeing is supposedly still experiencing delivery problems. (Not sure if
this affects the 777 line). Could this not be an important factor in an
airline making a decision against a Boeing product ?

Has Boeing lost credibility in making delivery promises ?

I am not an airline, but if I were, I would be cautious about any
delivery promises made by Boeing in the short term, especially for a
plane that is not yet in production. Hence, by being "realistic" about
real deliveries one could expect, the 777 product may not fit an
airline's needs and hence the airline would go for the equivalent Airbus

Is that a fair assumption ?