Cross crew qualification

Date:         08 Jun 98 02:58:03 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <marcmsc*SPAMNO*>
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Airbus Training has set up short difference training courses to obtain
the new type rating when the applicant holds one of the family as base
aircraft. This is known as Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ).
Converting from A320 to A330 takes 11 days, A320 to A340: 13 days, A340
to A320: 11 days, A330 to A340: 3 days, A340 to A330: 1 days.

What I am interested in is to know the training days which are needed
for the Boeing models. The 757 and 767 share the same cockpit, but all
other Boeing birds are different. IIRC the 737NG can however display the
777 layout or the 737 2G layout, so that training should be quite

What about the other conversions :

737 2G to 757 // 737 2G to 777 // 757 to 777 // 757 to 747 // 777 to 747

Any insiders ?
Marc Schaeffer, Luxembourg
The AIRCRAFT ORDERS    website