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Date:         08 Jun 98 02:58:02 
From:         "elysium" <>
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>Has anyone else out there flown in the ERJ?
>I rode the IAH-ICT run with CO express and was most impressed.  Compared
>to the Canadair regional jet,  it "feels" faster, and has windows you
>can actually see out of. (the Canadair CRJ has windows that are mounted
>very low in relation to the seats) A slightly higher cabin noise level
>than the CRJ just adds to a sportier feel, but it is still far quieter
>than any of the larger jets.  The 2X1 seating arrangement makes me
>wonder why anyone would fly on a larger plane if they had a choice.  I
>hope the skies are black with these things!

Silk purse out of a sows' ear ? I thought the Brasilia was ghastly.
The seating config' is good, rather like the 2X3 on the DC-9/Md-80
it gives more aisle per seat and enhances service.

>From :
" Slow to erect, quick to topple -- A maverick gimbal ".