Re: MD-11 Safety

Date:         08 Jun 98 02:57:57 
From: (Neil Wagner)
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On 06 Jun 98 15:39:20 , wrote:
>While it's true the the horiz stab. in the MD-11 is smaller,
>since the plane is longer, the moment arm is greater, plus the
>elev has greater throw than the DC-10...The result...the MD-11
>is not as highly damped as the DC-10, resulting in more pitch
>change for a given elev input.

I'm not sure about the greater throw aspect mentioned above,
but I do know in addition that the horizontal stabilizer
and elevators of the MD-11 are significantly more efficient
at creating lift than those of the DC-10.  The DC-10 used
symmetrical airfoil shapes, MD-11 uses assymmetrical and,
I think, supercritical airfoil shapes for the stab/elevs.

Neil -