Re: Development of MD-11?

Date:         08 Jun 98 02:57:56 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>>UA has their 777's set with a TIGHT seating arrangment ...
>>People say flying on a 777 is like having your knees placed in your

>Not on a Singapore Airlines B777-200. They seat only 286 in a three class
>configuration, so imagine the large legroom available even on economy

UA only had six more seats in theirs, a total of 292.  Their newest ones
have even fewer seats, a total of 278 (officially 272 because they no
longer count the six crew rest seats) but the two rows of Y seats which
were removed went entirely to add space to F.  So, Singapore's 286 could
still result in lousy seating for those in Y if they gave all the space
to those up front.

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