Re: airliner market analysis [long]

Date:         06 Jun 98 15:39:22 
From:         "Yves E. Hoebeke" <>
Organization: Sprynet News Service
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William R. Winter <> wrote in article
> MCLELLAN Alexander wrote:
> > Bob Weinheimer asked:
> > >When was the last time anyone saw an airline use more than
> > >one door to load or unload a large jet?
> >
> > Last February I flew KLM from Schipol to Toronto. Passengers boarded
> > the 747 through two doors. It takes much less time than 1 door.
> May 18, 1998 Burbank,CA
> Alaska 507 MD 80 (Front and rear doors no gateway)

Also at Long Beach, CA and Ontario, CA. No jetways...

Also out of the Aero (Boeing pub.) January issue:

Aircraft: B757-200 14F150Y

Entry/Exit		Enplane		Deplane
Door 1 (Front left): 	26.0min		12.5min
Door 2			26.0min		11.5min
Door 1&2		23.0min		09.0min
Door 1&2 (*)		12.0min		08.0min

(*) "Outside-in method": window seats first, then middle and last aile

To get total turn-around time you need to factor in luggage/cargo
operations, cabin cleaning, fueling and galley servicing.