Re: MD-11 Safety

Date:         06 Jun 98 15:39:19 
From: (MechB747)
Organization: AOL
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>>There's no flaw, it's really just tail heavy.
>> ...his first reaction was to pull the yoke
>> back to arrest the rate of desent.

Is it possible for an aircraft to be tail heavy when the CG of the average
airliner must be within 10 to 40 percent of the MAC?

>   The horizontal stabilizer of the MD-11t is 60% of the area of the DC10's.
>Therefore, the MD-11 does not respond quickly to pitch rate inputs and large
>yoke inputs at touchdown should be avoided.

The stab may be smaller on the MD-11 than on the DC-10 because of the
increased moment arm with the longer fuselage of the MD.  Like how the
747SP required a larger stab and tail because of its shorter moment arm
compared to the standard 747.  I'm just guessing here....  anybody know
for sure?

Student Pilot  2.1PIC "Airline Pilot in Training", 747-400 Assembler.