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Date:         06 Jun 98 15:39:14 
From: (Tarver Engineering)
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On 29 May 98 02:43:55 , Trevor Fenn <> wrote:

>Donald Mc Lean wrote:
>> Stein1111 wrote in message ...
>> >Can someone help explane " 3 phase" when it comes to a 40KVA  115 volt and
>> >3 phase output generator.  What does 3 phases do for you?
>> Answer from DOWN UNDER:
>> I presume that it actually is rated as a 40KVA 115/200V 3 phase generator.
>For your next assignment could you please axplain the workings of a Flux

A flux valve closes for each application of the electrically driven
signal.  The output is an 800 cycle signal (400 Hz input),
proportional to the Earth's magnetic field alignment with the flux

>Of course you can also have the three phase generator wound in a delta
>or trainglular configuration resulting in three phases without a
>neutral, but this will be used only were there will always be a balanced
>three phase load.

This would only be done for a generator one wanted to explode at the
first fault.  The DC component of the fault current is directly
proportional to the Neutral ground quality. (zero phase, see Blondell
Transform)  One should never do what is suggested above in a real
system, as it is unsafe.  The DC fault voltage would approach
infinity, for the suggested connection.