Re: 737NG (was: Seating Pitch)

Date:         06 Jun 98 15:39:07 
From:         "D. A. Ling" <>
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Stephen H. Westin wrote:
> That shocks me; as the '57 was originally an uprated 727, I thought
> the revisions were limited to nose, tail, and wing. Wasn't the
> fuselage cross section carried over?

Yes, and no.  While the 707-727-737 used a common fuselage, the 757 was
a _different design_ and we felt no requirement to maintain much with
the older aircraft. (757 was one of Boeing's first uses of fly-by-wire
flight controls - spoilers/speedbrakes)  Conversely, the next generation
737 was "merely" a rewing, so we kept the fuselage "the same".  As to
the windows, we DO try to keep what works.  (Less parts, less inventory,
etc etc)