Re: Improper Jacking

Date:         29 May 98 02:44:16 
From: (Louis A. Ramsay)
Organization: ICGNetcom
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In <airliners.1998.784@ohare.Chicago.COM> (STeveC01e)
>     A cracked bogie beam was discovered on an Airbus and the cause of
>the failure was improper placement of the aircraft Jack.  The jack was
>not placed under the jack pad.
>     Has anyone experience this problem on anywide-body jet with large
>tires?  I would be interested in hearing of any such experience and
>what preventive action was taken to make sure it didn't happen
>again----besides firing a bunch of mechanics.

     Only personal involvement was with one of our B-720's back in the
late 70's.

     Bogie fractured for the exact same reason - improper use of jacks
(not on the jack-points).