Re: DC-9 Hail damage

Date:         29 May 98 02:44:09 
From: (Bill Candee)
Organization: ICGNetcom
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> (David Lesher) writes:

>> I've not seen any photos, but the ValueJet [yes, I call it that]
>> -9 was described as losing the windshield.
>> How the dickens can the crew survive that?

>My understanding is that a side window blew out (causing decompression) but
>the front windows held, although they fractured and spider-webbed.  As the
>glass used is multilayered safety glass, this is quite possible.

	Nope, as it turns out. As you may know, the side windows on a DC9
*open*, and, when the media took pictures of the aircraft, the F/O
window was open, leading to a report that it had blown out.  However,
there was no window blow-out and no decompression.  (Note no
passengers said anything about oxygen masks or decompression, which
they would have noticed.)

	--Bill Candee in NYC