Fokker F28 or 100 with turbojets? not turbofans?

Date:         29 May 98 02:44:06 
From:         Kees de LezenneCoulander <>
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Ludwig Kammler <> wrote:

>I've come across a flight sim that does a F28 or F100 with single-shaft
>turbojets. Can anyone tell me if such a thing really existed, say, in
>the last twenty years?

     All 'classic' F-28s are equipped with two Rolls Royce RB-183-2 Spey
Mk-555-15 engines (or various subtypes thereof). This engine is a two-shaft
turbofan engine with a by-pass ratio of 1.
     All Fokker 100s are equipped with two Rolls Royce RB-183-03 Tay
Mk-620-15 or Mk-650-15 engines. This engine is also a two-shaft turbofan,
combining the RB-183-2 core with a new LP system, raising the BPR to 3. The
Fokker 70 variant was only available with the lower-rated Tay Mk-620-15.
     No single-shaft turbojet engines have ever been fitted to an airframe
in the F-28 or F-100/70 series.
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