Re: MD-80 Electrical

Date:         29 May 98 02:43:55 
From:         Trevor Fenn <>
Organization: Erol's Internet Services
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Donald Mc Lean wrote:
> Stein1111 wrote in message ...
> >Can someone help explane " 3 phase" when it comes to a 40KVA  115 volt and
> >3 phase output generator.  What does 3 phases do for you?
> Answer from DOWN UNDER:
> I presume that it actually is rated as a 40KVA 115/200V 3 phase generator.

For your next assignment could you please axplain the workings of a Flux

Of course you can also have the three phase generator wound in a delta
or trainglular configuration resulting in three phases without a
neutral, but this will be used only were there will always be a balanced
three phase load.

Is it getting cold down in OZ yet?
I'm starting to run out of vegemite so forgive my rantings :)

Trevor Fenn