Crash similar to MD-11

Date:         29 May 98 02:43:50 
From: (STeveC01e)
Organization: AOL
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This is a follow-up on the message about the EWR crash. (reply was delayed due
to business trip)

    A similar crash occurred in Portugal in 1992 on a passenger aircraft with
drastic results.  Here are the details.

  Date: Dec 21, 1992   07:33 local time.
  Flight MP 495 landing on Runeway 11 at Faro Airport Portugal
  Martinair DC10-30F, Aircraft Registration PH-MBN
  56 killed, 106 serious injuries, 176 minor or no injuries

      The aircraft in final phases of approach crossed a turbulence area
associated with microburst and downburst phenomena, that initiated a
longitudinal instability.
Premature power reduction and sudden wind variation increased the descent rate,
which reached values exceeding the operational limits of the a/c.
     Fracture of Right MLG was due to combination of descent rate and drift
correction.   Descent rate at touchdown: 900 ft/min.
     Right MLG failed and right wing fractured.  The aircraft departed the
runway with a track of 120 deg in an inverted position.   The left wing dug
into the soft ground and caused the fuselage to brake into 3 sections.  The
rear section came to rest in the normal position and the front and center
section of the left side with the windows on the ground.
    The 56 passengers in forward section exited thru rupture without
fatalities.  In the intermediate section, the forward portion, rows 11 - 19,
had 25% survivability as many were ejected from the aircraft.  The aft
intermediate section nearest the fuel tanks, rows 20- 29, experienced 89%
fatalities.  The rear section, rows 30-41, had 100% survivability.