Re: Runway length for DC-9

Date:         29 May 98 02:43:48 
From:         "Donald Mc Lean" <>
Organization: Mittagong Mania -
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Ref: Joe Castleman 19th May.
What was the surface wind at the time Joe and the surface temp.Was the
longer r/w NOTAMED  out or restricted in length for some reason. A pilot
would only consider a departure  runway if it was operationally acceptable
from performance manual data that suggests the payload can be uplifted. We
hate leaving payload behind, thats profits and airlines can't for long pay
wages out of losses. Perhaps the departure you saw was a non revenue flight
at very low brakes release weight. There are no higher 'G' forces or steeper
climbs,etc. You would notice no difference in the pax cabin unless you can
pick body angle with a degree or two from inside and I'll bet you can't. A
two engine aeroplane is required to have the capability of achieving a gross
gradient of climb in the second segment of 2.4% with the critical engine
There is no hit / miss or maybe about it. If it can't then the pilot in
command doesn't, and would take an alternative runways  if available. No
alternative then BRW reduction.