Re: Runway length for DC-9?

Date:         29 May 98 02:43:47 
From: (Ray Clawson)
Organization: Airnews! at Internet America
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On 18 May 98 16:03:05 , (Joe Castleman) wrote:
>The other day as I was driving to work, I watched a TWA DC-9 take off from
>runway 17/35 at AUS.  This runway is only 5006 feet long, and I had
>believed that jet aircraft always used 13R/31L, which is 7269 feet.  Is a
>take-off from such a short runway possible for a DC-9?  Well, evidently it
>is, but I sure wonder what the circumstances might have been...  I can't
>imagine that the pilot tried that with a full load of passengers; not so
>much because of weight, but because of the steep climb, excessive G-force
>etc.  I think a lot of people would get scared and complain.  (I myself
>would have liked to have been on that plane).

Flight crews use a system called(usually) airport analysis.  It's
tabulations of data taken from the approved flight manual of the
particular aircraft.  In it it list the runways for a particular
airport and the outside air  temperatures.  You bring the 2 together
for a certain runway and it gives you your max takeoff weight limited
by either the length of the avaible runway or the ability of the
aircraft to climb and miss obstacles in the event of an engine
failure.  Clear as mud now?

Also in airport analysis is the landing data, based on certain
airports and runways, with outside air temp., aircraft components
operational or not(such as auto braking or auto ground spoilers), wet
runway, ect.  Also factored in the ability of the aircraft to execute
a missed approach from 1500 feet above the airport with one engine

It's quite complicated sounding(and I left out a lot about climb
segments and gradients), but in the cockpit it's fairly easy to look
the numbers up.

I used to fly the baby DC9 (-15), and 5,000 feet doesn't sound to
short for a lightly loaded airplane with a head wind.

Ray Clawson

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