Re: Runway length for DC-9?

Date:         29 May 98 02:43:42 
From:         westin* (Stephen H. Westin)
Organization: Program of Computer Graphics -- Cornell University
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  or MIME structure (Joe Castleman) writes:
> The other day as I was driving to work, I watched a TWA DC-9 take off from
> runway 17/35 at AUS.  This runway is only 5006 feet long, and I had
> believed that jet aircraft always used 13R/31L, which is 7269 feet.  Is a
> take-off from such a short runway possible for a DC-9?  Well, evidently it
> is, but I sure wonder what the circumstances might have been...

Here in Ithaca, New York (ITH), "the circumstances" are every
day. USAir runs regular DC-9 flights here, and the sole runway is
about 5000 feet.

> Up until now, I thought that SNA was the shortest runway currently used by
> jet airliners (ca. 5800 feet).

Remember that the DC-9 (and the 727, for that matter) was designed to
extend jet service to smaller airports, in an era when many airports
were quite small, indeed.

-Stephen H. Westin
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