Re: Runway length for DC-9?

Date:         29 May 98 02:43:41 
From:         amuir@twsu.campus.mci.netnospam (Andrew Muir)
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In article <airliners.1998.783@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Joe Castleman) wrote:
>The other day as I was driving to work, I watched a TWA DC-9 take off from
>runway 17/35 at AUS.  This runway is only 5006 feet long, and I had
>believed that jet aircraft always used 13R/31L, which is 7269 feet.  Is a
>take-off from such a short runway possible for a DC-9?

>From 1977-78 Janes All the Worlds Aircraft

FAA Take-off field length for the DC-9:

Srs 20 5,100 ft (1,555 m)
Srs 30 5,530 ft (1,685 m)
Srs 40 6,850 ft (2,088 m)

>From 1991-92 Janes

MD-81 6,410 ft (1,954 m)
MD-82 7,595 ft (2,315 m)
MD-83 8,075 ft (2,462 m)
MD-87 6,275 ft (1,913 m)

These numbers are for max T-O weight, so if you are a little light in a
DC-9-30, using a  5,000 ft runway probably isn't a problem.