Re: KR-860, Sukhoi's super-jumbo

Date:         29 May 98 02:43:30 
From: (Brian Clouse)
Organization: Prodigy Services Company  1-800-PRODIGY
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Agreed, this project will never make it into metal - the key is that
Sukhoi is "financing" this from a percentage of military sales, which are
about nonexistent for them.  If Boeing doesn't think there's enough
market for this size, and Airbus is equivocating, then you'd never see a
Russian plane in it either.

I see that, and most of the other blue-sky projects we hear about from
the Russian design bureaus, as basically advertising themselves as
partners or subcontractors for Western companies.  There are a number of
such deals that have been announced, by Western firms hoping that the
Russian market will develop, but few have made any tangible headway.

Failing that, some of their engineers may be thinking of how their
resumes would look to the Western firms.  Despite Russia's manufacturing
woes, dating to Soviet times, and lack of financing, there are a LOT of
highly talented technical people there who have to be aching over the
current plight of the aerospace industry in their homeland, and also have
to realistically plan their futures.