Re: What could replace the P-3?

Date:         18 May 98 16:03:21 
From:         Mr Turbofan <>
Organization: Don't be silly.
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Using a combination of fingers and keyboard, <airliners.1998.754@ohare.Chicago.COM>, P. Wezeman <> typed
>       Given the conflicting requirements for an ASW aircraft to fly
>economically at both high and low altitudes, a four engine turboprop
>seems to be the best arrangement.

If we're in the realm of Fantasy Aircraft, what about a C-130 with two turbo
props and two turbofans ?  Best of both worlds ?

>       I believe that the British Nimrod ASW plane shuts down two of
>its four Rolls-Royce Spey engines while searching. Would it be possible
>or practical to do this with high-bypass turbofans, which would tend
>to windmill? I have seen the fans turning on an aircraft parked facing
>into a moderate wind.

High BP engines windmill quite nicely, thank you. The only problem with
continued windmilling is the risk of bearings drying out, and leading to
bearing problems. However, the HP spool generally rotates at a high enough
speed for the oil system to continue working.  (Normally, the windmilling
speed is high enough for the engine to be able to be bump started without
using the starter motor.)

Mr TurboFan