Re: MD-11 Safety

Date:         18 May 98 16:03:15 
From:         ScannerDude <>
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Gitaj wrote:
> I had always heard rumors about rough landings in the MD-11 and had always
> dismissed them until I saw the burnt wreckage of a Fedex MD-11 at Newark
> some time back.  Has anybody figured out why that happened, and is there a
> flaw in this aircraft?  If that was a passenger plane, there definately
> would have been huge casualties.

There's no flaw, it's really just tail heavy.  What happend was the pilot was
coming in too hard, and was really decending fast. When the plane was over the
runway, the pilot noticed this, and his first reaction was to pull the yoke
back to arrest the rate of desent. However, on all planes, this doesn't stop
the rate of desent too well, it only causes the plane to lose airspeed, so the
plane stalled, and hit the runway hard, causing it to bounce, and roll over.
The pilot forgot that on any aircaft, when landing, u must use thrust to
control your desent rate, and pitch to control speed.
    If that would have been a passenger plane, it is hard to say whether it
would've had fatalities. Most of the plane's body was intact, but there was a
massive amount of fire, so if anyone died, there's a 99% chance it would've
been from the fire, not the sheer impact. Also, Newark Intl Airport has (In my
opinion) the best Crash-Fire/Rescue team in the country, they have excellent
response times, and are one of the most highly trained. This would have
definately saved some lives, had this been a passenger plane.