Re: AA 777 wings

Date:         18 May 98 16:03:12 
From:         Jishnu Mukerji <>
Organization: Hewlett-Packard New Jersey Labs
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Michael Silano wrote:

> Personally, I'd like to see a 777 try and land at LaGuardia (7000 foot
> runway)
> It would make one heck of a splash as it entered Riker's Island
> Channel.

I have been a passenger on board a United 777-200 on a flight from
London to Newark (UA 907) which landed at Newark using Newark's shortest
runway i.e. Runway 11-29 (6800'), with ~1000' to spare. The application
of brakes and reverse thrust was impressive, but apparently nothing
extrordinary. So I don't believe there will be any spalsh if a 777 tries
to land at LaGuardia or National (Raegan).

Also, 777s used to take off from 4L-22R (8200' before the latest
extension to 10000') on occasions.

> Compare this to airports where the 777 can/does operate:
> * Newark EWR (longest is 9300 feet long, soon to be 11000 feet long)

Actually the current longest runway is 4R-22L (was 8200' is or about to
be 10000'). The current second longest runway 4L-22R (8200') will grow
to (11000') in 2000.

Jishnu Mukerji