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Date:         20 Jan 98 01:29:25 
From:         Paul Raveling <>
Organization: Oracle
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Stephen H. Westin wrote:
> I remember reading somewhere that a KC-135 with water injection was
> the noisiest aircraft in the world on takeoff. That sounds like an
> exaggeration, but certainly the KC-135R with its CFM-56 engines is far
> quieter.

Water-injected KC-135's & 707's were VERY loud by
current standards, but they're only candidates for
a noisiest-in-the-world title if we exclude aircraft
using afterburners.

>From 1960 - 1962 I lived on a hill overlooking LAX,
while North American was still manufacturing F-100's
there.  An F-100 using a single J-57 with afterburner
was definitely louder than a KC-135 or 707-120 using
four J-57/JT3 engines with water injection.

BTW, weren't the early 707-120 series engines JT3C's?
I noticed a post about JT3D's, but seem to recall
JT3C's as being used from 1957 to 196x, where x is
pretty small.  These were the civil version of the
original J-57's rated at 10,000 pounds static thrust
at sea level.

--  Paul

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