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Date:         18 May 98 16:03:07 
From: (Karl Swartz)
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In an April 27, 1998 press release, United Airlines said that it had
operated its 100,000th ETOPS flight the previous week.  Of greater
interest was the information provided on the number of ETOPS flights
operated by each of UA's ETOPS-rated types through the end of 1997:

type    1st ETOPS  flights  engines
----    ---------  -------  -------
767-200  May 1990   21,622  JT9D-7R4D
767-300  May 1991   47,918  PW4060
757-200    1995*     9,606  PW2037
777-200  Jun 1995   16,052  PW4084/PW4090

According to the press release, UA operated "simulated" ETOPS flights
with the 757 in spring 1992, culminating in ETOPS certification by
summer 1992, but did not actually begin using them in revenue ETOPS
service (to Hawaii) until summer 1995.

The 777 figure includes both original models (with PW4084 engines,
operated at PW4077 ratings) and IGW models (with PW4090 engines).  The
IGW made its first revenue ETOPS flight for UA in March 1997, so most
of the 777 ETOPS flights were with the older model.

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