Re: Northwest DC10's

Date:         17 May 98 00:43:25 
From:         Ian M Rimmer <>
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>Northwest also just recently acquired a few DC-10's from Swissair too.
>(Last year)

As far as replacing them, I don't know of any plans by Northwest to replace
them, but they still have a commitment to Airbus for around 15 A-330's.
Back in '86, Northwest's order included A-320's, A-330's, and A-340's.
Since then Airbus has let Northwest convert it's A-340 orders for more A-320
and now A-319's, but Airbus still expects Northwest to acquire A-330's in
the early 2000's.  So I would guess down the road Northwest will probably
replace the DC-10's with A-330's but I think Northwest is still trying to
convert those orders to A-320's and keep their DC-10's for a while.

Ian M Rimmer. "Aussie Aviate Fixer"