Re: Old 707's

Date:         20 Jan 98 01:29:22 
From: (Louis A. Ramsay)
Organization: Netcom
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In <airliners.1997.3027@ohare.Chicago.COM> (David Tyler) writes:
>we AWACS crews used to watch with raised eyebrows as water-wagon
>tankers would take off in the middle a hot afternoon in riyadh,
>carrying nearly a full load to the orbiting E-3.  they'd put out a
>furious amount of smoke and noise, and roll, and roll, and roll...
>finally, out where we were sure the runway must be running out, they'd
>waddle into the air.  whew.

     I think even worse was watching a DC8-61 depart Bangor, Maine
toward the north, and a hill, with a full load of military passengers
and baggage enroute to Europe.  It was also a case of being sure the
runway had run out, but, when airborne, he was really waddling - first
one wing would drop a bit and then the other.  From the looks, it
appeared as if the only thing that got him over the hill was he was in
ground effect.