US Airways MD-80 question

Date:         17 May 98 00:43:13 
From: (Greg Rendell)
Organization: Netcom
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    I was onboard a US Airways MD-82 yesterday, flight 1484 from MCO to
PHL, and noticed something on the wings I had never seen before.

    On both wings, scattered throughout their inboard half, were four
small red or orange tubes with what looked like larger openings at the
end, which pointed toward the trailing edge.  They didn't appear to be
in any logical order although they were symetrical across both wings.
It looked as though they were connected at the top and then split into
two pieces further down, and also appeared to be about 4"-6" long.  Does
anyone have any idea what these objects were?  The only thing I could
come up with was that they were some type of sensor for in-flight data

    I also printed the information for this aircraft, N818US, from the website and it had an interesting engine designation that
I'd never seen before. Here is a copy of it:

N-number                      : N818US
Aircraft Serial Number        : 48098
Aircraft Manufacturer         : MCDONNELL DOUGLAS
         Model                : DC-9-82(MD-82)
Engine   Manufacturer         : AMA/EXPR
         Model                : UNKNOWN ENG
Aircraft Year                 : 1982
Owner Name                    : US AIRWAYS INC
Owner Address                 : CRYSTAL PARK FOUR 2345 CRYSTAL DR
                                ARLINGTON, VA, 22227
Registration Date             : 20 Apr 1988
Airworthiness Certificate Type: Standard
Approved Operations           : Transport

    What kind of engine is "AMA/EXPR", and what (if anything) does this
have to do with the devices I saw on the wings?

Thanks very much in advance,

Greg Rendell in Aston, PA