Re: What could replace the P-3?

Date:         17 May 98 00:43:12 
Organization: AOL
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>> Here's a wild idea: how about a four engined 737-600? Who makes<BR>
>> turbofans in the 10-12,000lb class needed to replace half of a CFM56?<BR>

Wouldn't it  make more sence to use an existing overwater extended range
airplane, the USN considered the use of 757-200 Airplane for TACAMO
applications in submarine communications.  I would think that similar
attributes would be necessary for ASW missions.

I also am aware that the P3's slow cruise speed is one of its most favorable
assets in ASW missions, it may be difficult to find a turbofan airplane with
the cruise speed and time on station of the P3.   Just opinions but thought it
might add to the conversation.,
Everett Wa.(USA)