Re: 737NG (was: Seating Pitch)

Date:         17 May 98 00:43:00 
From:         John Vincent Lombardi <>
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>Then , I have been
>told, along came that PSA 727/Cessna collision over San Diego where
>cockpit visibility (lack of) was deemed influential and it
>was decided to improve the 757 cockpit windows to what it is today.
>Whether that was the reason or if it was pure aerodynamics that dictated
>that I am not sure,  but visibility was certainly improved.

I think you are overlooking a major factor here: The need for a common
cockpit with the 767 to facilitate the common rating/dual qualification.
The cockpit of the 757 had to be enlarged to accommodate the flight deck
of the 767. The windscreens had to be deepened to match the cutoff angle
of the 767 and improve over the nose visibility during IMC approaches.
The pilot's "picture" is nearly the same in both aircraft (but very
different from that of the 737).