Re: airbrakes on 747?

Date:         17 May 98 00:42:58 
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In article <airliners.1998.667@ohare.Chicago.COM>#1/1,
  Ludwig Kammler <> wrote:
> I'm working on a flight simulator where my predecessors modelled a B747
> (-200?) with airbrakes. does it have any? JANE's seems to indicate the
> contrary.

Most modern transport ( jet ) aircraft have some form of spoilers/
airbrakes/lift dumpers. Jane's probably doesn't mention them
specifically as it is assumed readers will know that spoilers can
also function as airbrakes. The line drawing of the 747 in Jane's
should show the spoiler's. The spoiler panels shown near the inboard
ends of the wings will be the lift dumpers which are only deployed
after touchdown.
There are of course exceptions such as the Fokker twin jets F28/F100
which have dedicated speedbrakes forming the tailcone but this is not
generally the rule.


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