Re: airbrakes on 747? Indeed!

Date:         17 May 98 00:42:57 
From:         Carl Peters <>
Organization: Internet 1st, Inc
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Ludwig Kammler wrote:
> I'm working on a flight simulator where my predecessors modelled a B747
> (-200?) with airbrakes. does it have any? JANE's seems to indicate the
> contrary.

Indeed it does. The 747 has 2 inboard panels and 4 outboard on each
wing. For in flight speedbrake purposes, all will raise except the
outer 2 panels on the outboard set (if the outer ones deployed,
excessive pitch up can result, as they are located significantly
aft of CG). On the ground, in a spoiler capacity, all panels raise.
And, the spoilers will work with ailerons, I believe, at low speeds
to assist in roll capability. Hope this helps.

Carl Peters