Re: 757-300

Date:         17 May 98 00:42:54 
From: (Malcolm Weir)
Organization: Little to None
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On 04 May 98 02:20:28 , (EHaase2463) caused to appear as
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>In about 5 years, some of the airlines' 757-200's will be almost 20
>years old and ready to be replaced.

Well, in 5 years, some 757-200s will be EXACTLY 20 years old!  First
delivery was in 1983.

However, I would question the assertion that a 20 year old 757 would be
ready for replacement: the major kicker in replacing 30 year old 727s is the
imminent noise restrictions!

>Does anyone believe that some of
>the airlines, who are not carrying much freight, might replace 757-200's
>with 737-900's?  I have read that the operating cost per seat on the
>737-900 is as low as that of the 757-300.

Rather than "replace" 757's with 739's, I would speculate that airlines
might select the 739 as an alternative for a mission that previously they
would have flown with a 757, while the 757s might drift towards serving more
thin routes like some US/Europe... which address some of the capacity issues
at congested airports like LHR.