The 737 Wiring Checks

Date:         17 May 98 00:42:52 
From:         Scott Decker <>
Organization: Enterprise Server Group
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Hi to all,

This is only the second time I've posted to this group but I like to
read it as often as I can. Regarding these latest FAA checks on 737's,
the wiring that's being checked are wires that go into or through the
fuel tanks? If it is into the tanks, what is in the tank that needs this
power, fuel pumps? And if the lines go through the tanks, why would you
run cables through the tank? If these seem like simple questions, I am
a simple mind.... I like to fly and enjoy reading about the systems etc.
on aircraft.  I worked for a company in a former life, Bruce Industries,
that made lighting systems for the industry.  I always liked going to
the airframe manufactures for meetings and see the mock-ups of the new
A/C. I haven't seen the C-17 lighting yet or the MD11 cabin lighting but
when I was at Bruce, those were my last projects before they layed off
the customer service group.

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