Re: AA 777 wings

Date:         17 May 98 00:42:44 
From: (Michael Silano)
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On 04 May 98 02:20:33 , (Malcolm Weir) wrote:

>On 26 Apr 98 03:44:05 , David Lednicer <> caused to appear
>as if it was written:
>>> The folding wing idea has been dropped.  It proved uneccessary in airport
>>> operations and far too heavy.
>>	Interestingly enough, John Roundhill made an AIAA dinner meeting
>>presentation back in the early days of the 777 and showed that the
>>folding wings were essential.  Without them, the 777 could not use many
>>existing gates and would have trouble using certain taxiways at older
>>airports, like LaGuardia.  I would imagine that the 777 without the
>>folding wings is now locked out of many gates.  This leads to the
>>question: how do 777 operators get around the taxiway problems at
>>LaGuardia?  Is the 777 used out of this airport?
>The short answer, as Karl wrote, is not to use the 777 out of airports where
>it's wingspan prohibit them!

Personally, I'd like to see a 777 try and land at LaGuardia (7000 foot

It would make one heck of a splash as it entered Riker's Island

National Airport would be even more entertaining (6869 foot runway)

The largest planes flying into or out of LaGuardia are the 757's due
mostly to the relatively tight runways.  If you've ever landed at
either of these runways, you'd much rather have 3000 more feet to
stop.  So would the pilot.

Compare this to airports where the 777 can/does operate:

* Newark EWR (longest is 9300 feet long, soon to be 11000 feet long)
* JFK (10000, 11000, and 14000 foot-long runways)
* Dulles IAD (11500 feet)
* Denver DIA (12000 feet)

-Mike Silano