Re: L-1011

Date:         17 May 98 00:42:38 
From: (RcTeller)
Organization: AOL
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>>Does anyone have any ideas who might pick up Delta's L-1011's, as they
>>are said to be phasing them out?
>I'd expect most of them to reappear at supermarkets as Coke cans and such.

A riot, but how true ??  I was amazed to see at least several 747's,
Airbuses, and L-1011's rotting in semi-scapped condition in Ardmore
Oklahoma.  While they had been used as planes for salvaged parts (door
frames,slats and flaps,engines,interior,etc), the majority of the
airframes were intact.  Are the airplanes as valuable as old beer cans
for aluminum?

Paul R.