Re: L-1011

Date:         17 May 98 00:42:36 
From: (Bill Candee)
Organization: Netcom
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kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) wrote, in response to the question
stated first below:

>>Does anyone have any ideas who might pick up Delta's L-1011's, as they
>>are said to be phasing them out?

>I'd expect most of them to reappear at supermarkets as Coke cans and such.

<grin> And probably not far off the mark.  I *did* note, however, a
potential market for the newer L-1011-500s.  ATA just bought several
(three?) low(er)-age -500s from Royal Jordanian for expansion.  They
have a pretty substantial fleet of L-1011s right now.  Perhaps they'd
be interested in the newest of Delta's 1011s.

	--Bill Candee in NYC